Parents Perspective


“How can a team with a 4-22 record have a winning season? The University of Connecticut at Avery Point basketball team did.

A winning season isn’t all about a record, It is much more. It is character
resilience, progress University of Connecticut Avery Point exhibited all of those characteristic.

There is no I in TEAM. This team recognized that from the very beginning of the season. Every player gave 100 percent effort every game all the time. No one was selfish with the ball. It certainly would have been easy to throw the given the obstacles the team faced.

You didn’t have to wait until the game started to see the character of this team. It was there the minute they walked on the court or should I say hustled on the court.  Stretching was done as a team.  Two lines drill was done precisely and with tremendous hustle.  No one ever walked.  If the team left the court they did it together and on the run.

You didn’t have to watch the players that were in the game to see the character of this team.  The players on the bench were on their feet at every opportunity to cheer their teammates.  Never once during the entire season when a player was taken out of the game did you see anything but acceptance of that fact.  When players came into the game even if it was just for a few minutes they gave 100% of their effort all the time.

The character of this team was on full display after the game.  The players always came over and thanked their fans and particularly any parents who were at the game.  They did it graciously and in a heartfelt way.

Players were always picking up chairs after the game, cleaning their area and bringing the water buckets to the locker room.

Everything was a consistent effort from the time the team arrived on the court until they left whether they won or lost.

This team showed consistent improvement. Their defense improved remarkably throughout the season. By the end of the season they were regularly turning the ball over against talented teams with their trapping defense.  Offense also improved remarkably.  Games became closer and losses turned  to victories.

Coach James Childs is the architect of the successful program at Avery Point.  Coach Childs and his staff, Rob Oliver and Darnell Isaacs and Kate French, Director of Basketball Operations, recognize not only are they teaching basketball but they are also teaching and instilling character.  The season was a great experience for all of these young men. It is something they will always have.  They will utilize the lessons they learned moving forward.

It was a remarkable winning season for all.”  -R. Tobin, Parent of a current UCAP basketball player.